1. JAMB is the most biggest exam ever in Nigeria. A candidate
    is assigned to do and conclude this exam in just a day. That
    one day will determine your next move academically. I
    mean Maybe you will sit at home if you fail it by having a
    low score or Have the chance of gaining admission if you
    pass it with a high and meaningful score…..
    I will never forget to tell you the best thing to achieve a High
    Score in JAMB. You just have to ready and read without
    ceasing. Attempt Past questions overnight. Forget about
    your boo’s issue and do what will benefit you academically.
    Then leave the rest for Almighty God to take control.
    Well, We all know JAMB will not encourage and advice you
    to involve in MALPRACTICE. But they know it exists. To be
    sincere, nobody wants to fail ooo. We also understand that
    our brains are not equal.
    During the exam You can’t reason the way I do. I can’t
    reason they way you do. The truth is that everybody wants
    to score high in JAMB but everybody ain’t that brilliant and
    intelligent to tackle JAMB exam and Score like 280+
    JAMB is the true test of ability. The exam is quite different
    from WAEC/ NECO because they are based on ‘normed’
    grades. This means your grades in those exams depend on
    general performance. Those exams are also just a test of
    your rudimentary knowledge of topics.
    Now to JAMB.
    1. Make sure you get a syllabus to know what you are
    required to know in each subject.
    2. Make sure you understand the difference between similar
    things e.g Cartillage, muscles because they dont just
    test whether you have an idea but if you know the difference
    between pretty similar things
    3. For calculation based subjects, JAMB options are
    actually based on misconceptions i.e if you don’t
    well, your wrong answer will also be available.
    4. Get as many past questions as possible. When you
    practice make sure you confirm your answers from
    reputable textbooks
    and not ‘Hungry authors’ with wuruwuru answers
    5. Work on your speed and accuracy because its a test of
    both, there’s no point knowing all the answers but not
    being able to finish.
    6. You must attempt the simple questions first.
    7. With your familiarity with past questions, you will
    discover the areas where questions usually come from &
    you can quickly pick on your areas of strength first.
    8. Try to sleep early the day before the exam so that you
    can wake up fresh.
    9. Even if you are not able to cover syllabus, don’t panic,
    approach the exam center with confidence.
    Lastly, JAMB Repeats 60% of Past Questions in Exams.
    Most times candidates do ask me this “Does JAMB repeat
    past questions?” 100% Yes, They do.
    I did my personal research On my findings, I discovered a
    shocking truth.
    JAMB do repeat past questions. It’s not their faults that
    they do repeat past questions. The fact is that there are no
    new questions to ask.