I’m sure many of you have read that the police is now
involved in my issue with Wizkid. Yes, I reported his public
threat to me two Sundays ago to the Lagos State
Commissioner of Police and I want to explain why I did it!
Please pay attention and keep an open mind.
I’ve read a lot online from people saying I don’t like Wizkid.
Even Wizkid himself thinks I don’t like him. Why he or
anyone would think so is puzzling to me to be honest.
Apart from his achievements after he started insulting me
online a few weeks ago…everything else, every success
Wizkid has recorded in the last 3/4 years is on LIB. All the
awards, all the record breaking feats, his sold out concerts,
his foreign magazine features, and collaborations,
everything that has built him up to the young man he is
today is on LIB. Please verify! Search my blog. Please
I was a huge Wizkid fan. The only song I danced harder to
than his ‘Dance For Me’ track was Fuse ODG’s ‘Antenna
and Kiss Daniel & DJ Shabzy’s Raba. So, no, I had no
dislike for Wizkid. But about a year ago, I noticed his
indirect snide remarks at me…and when some other music
star beefed with me, Wizkid showed his support and made
disrespectful comments. That was when I noticed he had
issues with me… but that didn’t stop me from writing
about him and celebrating him.
Now to the issue at hand. When I reported that he was
served quit notice at his Lekki home, I stated fact and I
didn’t write it out of malice. It’s not everyday you get
exclusive stories…and I’m sure any other blogger who got
the story first would also have published it. So, there was
no beef, I was just doing my job. A day or so after I wrote
this story, Wizkid went on my instagram page to call me
names and lied that I slept with some director of
his…which I have said before is 1000% lies! But the insult
and lies is not why the police is now involved.
Here’s the thing; You can insult me, insult my family, call
me any names you like, even lie that I slept with your
forefathers…but don’t threaten me. If you threaten me, I
will act!
I read people online saying that I reported to the police
because I am scared of Wizkid. No, my darlings, I am not
afraid of Wizkid. Though I do not take his threats lightly. I
went to the authorities for two reasons…and please young
boys of our generation, pay attention to what I am about to
write below.
You see, violence against women and threat of violence
against women is not okay. Threatening harm to someone
in a public space is a criminal act in every country of the
world, including Nigeria. I bet some of you didn’t know that,
yeah? You can not publicly threaten someone with harm.
You will only get away with it if your victim doesn’t report
to the authorities. If they do, you will have a case with the
police and I promise you, the police take these things
I reported this case to the authorities because I want our
young men to know this is not okay. You should not raise
your hands on a woman. You shouldn’t even threaten to
raise your hands on a woman. Wizkid wrote that he would
send his 16 year old cousin to beat the shit out of me.
Letting Wizkid get away with it is basically telling our
young men that this is okay…and it’s not!
After Wizkid made the threat to me, I saw a lot of teen boys
hailing and applauding him. To them, this was okay. If their
idol can threaten a woman with harm, and use derogatory
words, they also can do it…and that’s how the circle of
abuse of women continues. Women being called ‘smelly
pussy’ trended online for a day or two! Little boys were
happy to use the words. Sad!
It is appalling to me that anyone, especially women, would
cheer Wizkid on. When he wrote RIP Linda, I saw a few
young girls write same, laughing. This is not a laughing
matter. It doesn’t matter whether you like me or not! This
is not about Linda Ikeji. This is about abuse of women
which has eaten deep into our society, so deep that it has
now been accepted as normal. Men do it all the time and
get away with it. So many women are battered by their
husbands and they refuse to speak up because of the
stigma. They refuse to seek help because they are afraid of
what people will say. I am sorry, I am not one of those
women. I refuse to be victimized. And as long as I have my
voice and my platform, I will speak up.
We women have to come together to lend a strong voice to
the plight of women in our continent. When we see a
woman being physically and mentally abused, let’s act.
Let’s speak up. Let’s not laugh and say she deserves it. If
we continue to keep quiet, the circle of abuse will continue.
And one day, You, yes You, will find yourself in the
receiving end of a thundering slap, followed by heavy
blows. If not you, then maybe your daughter? Let’s
condemn violence and threat of violence against women!
This is not acceptable!
Young men like Wizkid, a father of two young boys himself,
should never advocate violence against women. One day,
he will have a daughter, how would he feel if another male
threatens to put hands on her or even calls her a hoe?
I can’t count how many times Wizkid called me a hoe in his
rant against me. That’s what boys do. When they get into a
fight with a woman, they try to slut-shame her. Smelly
pussy, hoe, ashawo etc. You call a woman, who gave
another young woman, whose real name she doesn’t even
know N500,000 just because she said she would rather
work by carrying cement than prostitute herself, that’s the
person you call a hoe? When your mind is so warped you
can’t differentiate between a woman and a hoe, then this is
what happens. Except you drive to Sanusi Fanfuwa at 2am
to pick up a prostitute, who proudly describes herself as
one, then you shouldn’t call any woman a hoe.
Even Tupac who was a well known thug could differentiate
between the types of women he dealt with. When asked in
an interview why he called women bitches, he said people
shouldn’t confuse things, that he wouldn’t address a
mother or a sister the way he would address a bitch, that
the bitches were the ones he dealt with in the clubs who
behaved like one. He reiterated that he respected women!
In more civilized countries, Wizkid would have lost his
endorsements and spent the next year or so apologizing
and being in the fore-front of promoting anti-violence
crusades against women. It took Chris Brown years to get
back on his feet after his assault on a woman. Up till
today, he doesn’t have any major endorsements and some
countries still deny him entrance into their country i.e
Australia for something he did 7 years ago. Yes, violence
against women is serious!
And there’s the case of incitement. When you have power
and influence, you have to be careful what you say in
public. Because you have such power, something you say
can influence your followers. A fan can commit acts that
even you may not support or might not even condone. But
because it came out of your mouth, they think you mean it.
So it is irresponsible to say things that might be inciteful.
In Law, you can be held responsible when people act based
on what you said in public. Tupac was charged to court
and indicted after some thugs killed a police officer. The
thugs went to court and mentioned that their idol
encouraged violence against LA police officers in a song
where he said ‘Drop a cop’. So, we folks with some
measure of influence should be more careful with our
utterances. People are watching and listening!
The second reason I filed a police report is to encourage
other women in similar situations to do same. My dear
ladies, if a man threatens to puts hands on you, and you
feel the threat is real, report to the authorities. Don’t wait
until he does it. What if you don’t survive it? If he’s picked
up and may be charged to court (yes, you can be charged
to court for making threats…it’s a misdemeanor with a
prison sentence), then he will think twice before making
threats against you in the future or any other woman for
that matter.
I went as far as I did for me and for other women. This is to
pass a strong message to our young men that these kinds
of behaviour towards women will not be tolerated. Should
not be tolerated. If you assault or even threaten to assault
a woman, the law will come after you if she chooses not to
be silent. Women, don’t be silent. Let’s break the circle. For
your sake, for my sake, for the sake of our daughters, grand
daughters, great grand daughters and all other women that
will follow them.
And that’s really all I have to say in the matter. Thank you
guys for reading
And to Wizkid fans, please be rest assured that I wish him
all the best in life. He will continue to grow from strength
to strength (as long as he doesn’t endorse violence against
women) and his light will never diminish. God brought him
to this level and will continue to keep him. I have nothing
but love for his craft and hope that one day, we will put
this behind us.
God bless him, me, you and everyone else in the world