Useful Health Tips–
• Sleep on time: Wake up early, preferably before
sunrise. A good night sleep can help to start a day
with a fresh and clear mind
• Drink lots of water: Drinking water is
advantageous in every way. It assists metabolism
and digestion, prevents constipation and the
accumulation of waste products (ama) in the body,
keeps away diseases and even helps in keeping the
skin clear of acne and pimples.
• Take an oil massage: Massage your body with oil
before bath which will rejuvenate you, reduce
fatigue and prevent dry skin. Massaging the scalp
with oil can prevent dandruff, graying and hair fall,
enhance mental alertness and so on.
• Exercise regularly: There is no doubt as to the
benefits of a regular exercise routine. Practicing
Yoga and meditation can make your body immune
to diseases, give your mind the capability to
concentrate and ward off stress, lose unnecessary
fat, give the body flexibility and suppleness.
• Mind what you eat: Eat fresh and wholesome food
and follow healthy eating habits. Food should be well
cooked, preferably at home and should be had in a
peaceful and calm environment.
• Maintain a healthy weight: According to Ayurveda,
both obesity and emaciation (Under weight) are
dangerous. So always follow a healthy diet,
exercise regularly and maintain a weight as per
your BMI.
• For an undisturbed sleep: Drink a glass of warm
milk before going to bed. This will help you sleep
peacefully. Also isolate your mind from all stressful
and worrisome thoughts before going to bed.
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