HISTORY OF Ogunlade Olowookere(Gbananmu) Ogunlade Olowookere Gbanamu was born in Efo-Alaye and his ancestor are from Ada in old western part of Nigeria, he settle in Efon-Alaye in logunde ejigan compound, and he is a brave hunter, he and his friend ogungbade are hunting at koro Ekiti and also settle there. One midnight he was hunting as usual until he heard the animals(antelope) celebrating a new born baby they were greeting each other but the parent of the new born animal is not happy and say that we would had been happy if Ogunlade will let us enjoy the ceremony, not long after the conversation Ogunlade kill some of the antelope and he was happy decide to go back home, on his way home he knew that his three children (Kele, Kowe, Kendu) are dead except his pregnant wife. Second day after the death of his three children his wife die after deliver a baby boy and he named him Oguntodu and later his oracle(Ogun) ask him to vacate the land because the land is not a place for him to live, so he move on to Igbo Ipara at Oke-Ogunpa as a brave Hunter. He then settles there because he kills big animal and also farm on the land with his only son Oguntodu while he leaves his friend Ogungbade at Koro-Ekiti. In 1829 a big war broke out between Ijebu and Ibadan, Oluyole lead is army and kurumi army to face Baale Maye and Ijebu and Egba warriors, the two opposite meet at Idi-Esun that where oluyole army capture Baale Maye and killed him and push Ijebu warriors back when they get to Ogunlade hunt at Oke-Ogunpa he was surrounded by Akinlade and Moteji and take him to Oluyole their leader, when they get to Oluyole, he saw a tribal mark on Ogunlade’s face and ask him some question and from his answer they discover he is not an Ijebu man and his answer was that he is an hunter and also a famer from Efon-Alaye, they told him about the ongoing war between Ibadan and Ijebu and they have try to capture Ara-igbo the leader of Ijbeu worrior but all their effort are all in vain because he turns to fire if they want to capture him, oluyole told Ogunlade that his mother is also comes from Efon-Alaye and ask if there is a way he can help them wih the war, Ogunlade reply and told them that Ara-Igbo is also an Hunter and no one can kill or capture him with gun or cutlass. So Ogunlade made accord with Oluyole and his warriors and promise to capture Ara-Igbo win the battle for them, days after the accord Ara-Igbo come again with his body of fire the Ibadan warriors scattered but Ogunlade to him and grab Ara-Igbo with the body of Fine and put in a nearby stream called odo-ailewo, Oluyole was very happy and nickname Ogulade as GBANAMU that’s where the Ogulade’s adage come from: “olowookere abon ni saan re, ogunlade taretare ni ori apata, ofi eyin ti oke ogbe ota wo do, ogbanamu ogbe ota wo odo ailewo, oni bi omi ba wo odo yio simi ariwo, oda ogunpa koja ki oto sin eje ota nu ni odo kunasi, ogunlade duro! Oke duro! Igbo kole duro bigbo baduro ina majo”. After the conquered of Ara-Igbo they proceed in chasing the ijebu’s warriors suddenly they saw a spirit (a beautiful woman) and she stop them and took them to a mountain which is called Ojutaye (at mamu olubi boundaryof Ijebu and Ibadan) and showed them a big river she ask them not turn anywhere but to go straight to the river (Osun River) at Akanran boundary of Ijebu and Ibadan and ask them to stop chasing the Ijebu because the right side of the mountain belong to Ijebu and the left side belong to Ibadan, and if they get to the river they should call her and she will answer immediately one of them ask what’s name and she said it’s (Iya omo eja) mother of fishes and they follow as she instruct, when they got they call her and she appear to them from the river and gave them 16 stones from the river and adk them to go back home because they will conquered all there enemies and if they get home Oluyole there leader should look for a nearby stream to is house and put those 16 stones in it that whenever he want to see her he should call her from the stream and she will answer him, but Oluyole answered and say that the Ibadan’s ask me not come back to Ibadan again and the mother of fishes assured him to go back and he will conquered them all and told him to always call her whenever he needs her help, so Oluyole and his warriors depart with the mother of fishes and enter Ibadan through the Elekuro gate and Oluyole settle at Ori-iyangi at oja-oba and construvt a road to a nearby stream and he named it opopoyemoja that where he worship the (iya omo eja). Oluyole later become baale of Ibadan land and all kings of Yorubas saw him as an hardworking and young talented warriors he was crowned the bashorun of Yoruba land he then stop the warriors not go to war again and he ask Ogunlade Olowookere (Gbananmu) to give them land to cultivate as a farmer to plant fruit crop and sell at oja-oba in other to stop trading of slaves and he also ask Ogunlade to look over the from igbo igunnu( boundary of Lakanle farm) to apata ojutaye(boundary of Ijebu land) and he should give part of the land to the former warriors to cultivate on, and also crown Ogunlade as the head of hunters(Olori Ode) of Oke-ogunpa and bashorun Oluyole told him to stay at his farm the first saw him so as to keep on chasing Ijebus from the land, latter Ogunlade call on his friend Ogungbade from Ikoro-Ekiti to come and help him and appoint him to stay at the boundary at Akanran so as to drove back the ijebu people. So after the death Ogunlade in 1848, Bashorun Oluyole appoint Ogunlade’s son Oguntodu as the new head of hunters( Olori-Ode) of Oke-ogunpa like his father and also allocate kaa efon at opopo yemoja to Oguntodu, Oguntodu has a son named Adediji Olowookere, Adediji bears a son called simeon olowookere simeon too has five children such as Gabreal Oluyemi Olwookere, Samuel Makanjuola Olowookere are boys while Beatrice mosola, Aduke Ariola,Foluke Apeke are girls. Before the death of Ogunlade he has friend like hunters, farmers, trader, Such as ( Gbere, Onifade, Longe…….) Gbere is an hunter from egba land and lives behind a stream at Oke-ogunpa so if anybody greet him his response will be Ogbere(Weldon in egba dialect) so when after his death he was buried beside the Stream which is later call Ogbere river. Also Sunji was Ogunlade’s friend a relative of longe and Gathar there were all Tapa from Niger State Ogunlade gave them Igbo Igunnu but later called Mokola hill it’s through the Tapa that the Hausa come to Ibadan to trade Obi (kolanut) at Oja-Oba but later given a place to the hausa called Sabo at Oke-ogunpa, and Bola was given Oke-Bola out of Oke-ogunpa and also Ado was given Oke-Ado out of Oke-ogunpa, and also Molete to Ilugisi to settled on Ilugusi is also an inlaw to Bashorun Oluyole, Longe was given Longe village because he was a brave hunter to pursued Ijebu from coming back . This is why Ijebu and Ibadan war in 1829 was named GBANAMU WAR after Ogunlade Olwookere (gbanamu)’s name